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Analysts claim that up to 90% of all Birkin and Kelly bags sold online are not authentic. A bag in such high demand as a Hermès Birkin and Kelly of which both have a waitlist and a price tag higher than of most cars there is no doubt a market for fooling consumers. Every year counterfeit Hermès handbags are being made with more attention to detail and higher sophistication to appear as though they are not counterfeit and as more and more counterfeit bags flood the market, the ability to spot the difference between them as an authentic Hermès becomes more difficult. That is why THE WIRE HANGER is here to help. We want to ensure your trust in us and part of that isn’t just saying we authentic every item. It is showing you how we do it. At THE WIRE HANGER we not only guarantee authenticity, we educate the market because we want everyone to be as capable at spotting counterfeit goods as we are. When you know what you are buying you feel good about it. We want everyone to feel good about buying on the secondary market even if you did not buy from us. So here are some of the tools we use to ensure and authenticate.