Gucci Authentication


The logo wasn’t always the interlocking G logo, which was introduced in the early 1960s. In addition, as of 2016, there has been an important change to brand. Looks include the Gs that are no longer interlocking, they are overlapping. You’ll still see the interlocking logo on the canvas and leather, but a bigger logo on the clasp, for instance, will look different. The new G is sleeker and the top opening is more pointed. In addition to the new G logo, sometimes you’ll see a textured tiger head closure instead of the Gs, a stylized buckle, or another design element. A trademark symbol at the top of the tag (although very occasionally it will be missing.) The word Gucci in the middle, with the letter G formed the same way it is in the interlocking Gs of the logo. The words “made in Italy” are at the bottom. The words are all lowercase and in the same font as the name of the company just above it. A stamped leather sometimes called guccissima is also popular for Gucci bags. This is leather with the logo embossed on it. Here too the design should be even and regular; the logo should be clear and easy to read, not blurry. (However, with use, it can become fainter.)


It is very important that throughout the bag the stitching be uniform, clean, and even. Precision as a whole will play a big role. The classic GG monogrammed bags in particular have an expected consistency to them. The GG pattern should be evenly spaced throughout the bag, and the Gs should be oval shaped (as opposed to rounded) and feature visible serifs. The left G be forward-facing, whereas the right G is mirrored and then inverted. Another place where the GGs will come largely into play is in the beloved Soho bag series. Though not applicable to the much larger models, in many of the Soho Discos and Soho Shoulder Bags, the interlocking GG symbol will measure in at almost exactly at 12cm


Many counterfeit bags will have hardware that is an immediate giveaway, since it may be lightweight, hollow-feeling, tarnished, peeling, or flaking. By contrast, Gucci hardware is sturdy and weighty. Hardware in a Gucci handbag can be a fast giveaway of its legitimacy. Check the weight of the hardware. It should feel solid and substantial. Chances are if the hardware feels light, it could be a fake Gucci bag. The Gucci signature leather tassel, like the Gucci Soho collection, the connecting rings should all be complete circles without any gaps. On the hardware of the tassel, there is one stud around the top that will have a diagonal line through it.


The zippers are another piece to look at. When the Gucci bag features a metal zipper, it will be flat and neatly engraved with the branded GUCCI; all in capital letters and with each letter equally spaced apart. The underside of their zippers is usually branded as well, with GUCCI in capital letters. The zipper pull will be made out of the same material, canvas or leather, as the rest of the bag. The zipper will be metal, never plastic, and in newer bags will be engraved with the Gucci logo on its underside. Much of the hardware will be engraved with the name “Gucci,” and if it is, the engraving will be clean and neat, not blurry or uneven.

Check the Serial Numbers/Date Codes:

Gucci does not include date codes. The serial number tag is considered by many to be the best way to distinguish real from fake. The Gucci serial number is typically located on a leather patch sewn at its top to the inside of the bag; it is not sewn down on all sides. The tag should be a square, or a slight vertical rectangle. This non-unique number will appear on many bags from the same batch – or series. You can find this 10-13 digit number on the semi-rectangular leather tab located inside of Gucci bags, usually near the interior zipped pocket. There will never be letters included in this serial number. The font is not overly modern and the numbers do feature serif details. Often listed in two lines, one on top of the other, the series of numbers are not lined up in perfect formation.

The opposite side of the tag will feature the word GUCCI embossed in all uppercase letters with a trademark symbol and the words “made in Italy” below respectively. The G will be rounded the same as the CC, while the U is thicker on the left side and thins out on the right side. Vintage bags from the ‘90s, the leather tags were rounded at the sides and the trademark symbol is missing. “MADE IN ITALY” is written out in all uppercase letters and some of their details are a little different. The word “Gucci” looks just the same.

QR (Quick Response) Codes

QR codes are a more recent addition to Gucci bags in the fight against counterfeiters, estimated to have begun in 2016/2017. Offering a type of barcode that holds relevant information, these codes can be scanned on your smartphone (methods vary across types of smartphones being used) to ensure the handbag’s authenticity. Similar to the Gucci serial numbers, these QR codes are not unique to each other. They can be found on a small black fabric loop inside your Gucci bag. The code will be printed clearly with white font and a 10-digit code. There is no stitching to the fabric whatsoever.

Fonts and Placement

The letters used to spell Gucci are immediately identifiable with distinguishing characteristics: The G is very round; if the line continued, it would almost form an O. The serifs on the G are equal, unlike the interlocking Gs. The two sides of the U are different; the left side is thick and the right side is thin. The Cs are very round and look similar to the G. The font of the numbers is dainty; any numbers that look too straight or modern are from a fake bag. With new bags, the serial number will be two rows, one over the other, and there will not be letters in the serial number. The format varies in vintage bags and might include periods or hyphens. The numbers will not necessarily be lined up perfectly. The vagaries of craftsmanship, the difficulty of embossing pigskin, which some of the bags are, and other factors mean that the numbers will appear a little unevenly lined up.


Authentic Gucci bags come with specific packaging. They will never be wrapped in plastic; that would be a sure sign of a counterfeit bag. They do come with dust bags, the colors of which have varied over the years. These bags are either dark or light brown or black. Many online sources point to the controllato card, white in older ones and off white in newer ones, as proof that a Gucci bag is genuine. “Controllato” means “checked” in Italian, and it is proof that the bag went through the quality control process. The card reads Gucci and Controllato and underneath are the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0.

There are two problems with using the card to tell you something about your bag. First, the card can be moved from one bag to another, since it is totally separate from the bag itself. Second, a card can get lost. Therefore, just because your bag doesn’t have a card doesn’t mean you should automatically dismiss it as being a fake. In addition to the controllato card, there is also the information card. This, too, can get separated from the bag or produced by counterfeiters, so one that doesn’t look right (for instance, the logo is incorrect) can be used to show that a bag is counterfeit. The lack of these cards can’t be used to show that a bag is not genuine. New bags also have a label on the inside of the bag with a QR code on it.

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