YSL Authentication


Since 2012 the label has no longer appeared under the name Yves Saint Laurent, but has been renamed Saint Laurent. So, it is quite possible that the design of older models differs from that of the newer models. A key feature, however, is that the “T” in the words Saint and Laurent should touch the “N” in front of it. It is best to always check the quality of the metal logo and the placement. With many counterfeits, the “YSL” lettering is not placed exactly in the middle and is not clean. An authentic Yves Saint Laurent bag has its “SAINT LAURENT PARIS” print looking thick and perfectly spaced out. In many fake Yves Saint Laurent bags, the “SAINT LAURENT PARIS” will be a lot thinner than the print on the legit bag. The slope of the R in “Laurent” is rounded, while the R leg in “Paris is straight” this detail is one that counterfeits neglect because it is costly to have variation. Many fake Saint Laurent bags have a metal label with the words “Yves Saint Laurent” or a leather label with the words “Genuine Leather” on the outside. Many unsuspecting buyers see this as an additional authenticity feature, but the opposite is the case. Saint Laurent Paris should be capitalized in a sans serif font. Original YSL bags have no additional label with the lettering mentioned on the outside. The Saint Laurent name should be engraved on the circles around the chain holes, above any tassels as well as being stamped on the inside of the bag in capital letters with the N and T on both Saint and Laurent being joined together. Paris should also be embossed underneath the Saint Laurent stamp on the inside of the bag. This applies for dust bags and boxes. The YSL logo hardware should not be slanted or severely indented into the leather.


Each Saint Laurent bag embodies the unique style of the fashion house, which is oriented towards a clear and emancipated direction. Authentic Saint Laurent materials are lambskin, metallics, suede, crocodile, alligator, python, calfskin and textured leathers. Saint Laurent uses smooth or grained leather for the designer bags and satin and leather in the inner lining as well as leather as the upper material making the high quality clear. Check the lining to make sure it’s a black textile with leather trim. At the interior, the leather will be glued to a textile lining to create a seamless transition. The fact that the leather is glued to the textile is not a cause for concern. This is the first sign that your Saint Laurent is an original, that the leather feels accordingly high-quality. Also, the colors used by Saint Laurent are unique. They range from classic black and white to discreet powder, gray and brown tones to powerful nuances. The color should be evenly spread over the entire designer bag and never look as if it was applied or sprayed. This can often be seen at the first glance. The bags of Saint Laurent are made in Italy, by the way. Be careful with an unpleasant plastic smell! This indicates poor quality and plagiarism. An original Saint Laurent bag has only the typical leather smell.


The Saint Laurent bags have high-quality metal hardware on the upper material, which has been excellently processed. Authentic YSL bag’s “SAINT LAURENT” text is printed on the carbines and the Saint Laurent bag chain is not very deep. Both the zipper and details such as chain-shoulder straps also point to the authenticity of the Saint Laurent bag. The material used most often has to be heavy in the hand. In the case of fake designer bags, the metal is often mixed with aluminum, which makes the material lighter and brittle. Make sure that the hardware does not look washed or even peels off. This is then a clear case of plagiarism alarm. The metal should be the same color at all points. Imitations usually have a yellowish or greenish “gold tone”. The zipper is labeled “Saint Laurent”. On some models, such as the Sac De Jour, which have a lock and key, these should also be marked with the Saint Laurent logo. Also, on the LOGO hardware on KATE’S & LOU LOU’S, the metal areas of where the letter “Y” merges with the letter “S” should appear smooth and not overlap, or have deep gaps when intersecting with other letters “S” and “L” and vice versa. Notice the slope of the L; it starts wider at the top and narrows as it hits the horizontal leg. Authentic Yves Saint Laurent’s top and bottom corners of the letter “S” are less curvy and rounded than certain fakes. The Y’s left arm is always thicker than the right. Some YSL logo bags will also include four faux nail heads on the outlying corners. Though not functional, they should be present on many Hedi Slimane-era bags. Lastly, Notice the PKK metal zippers, and the YSL gold metal zipper pull. If you have a bag with a tassel then the tassel should be thick and full, not skinny and out of place with the proportion of the bag.


An original Saint Laurent bag always comes with a dust bag. This protects your designer bag from direct sunlight, as well as from moisture. The typical Saint Laurent logo – the intricate YSL Monogram – or the white lettering on a black background “Saint Laurent Paris”. The color of the dust bag can vary with the older models from the times of YSL. Until 2012, the fashion house still bore the name “Yves Saint Laurent”. In June 2012 under Hedi Slimane came the big change and from YSL was “Saint Laurent Paris”. additionally the label received a re-branding in the year: from a slim and graceful typography a rather simple lettering was created. Fashioninsider watched: Typographically, “Saint Laurent” was placed in Helvetica and “Paris” in a serif font called Copperplate.


Zippers should glide smoothly and without tension. Notice the PKK metal zippers, and the YSL gold metal zipper pull. Zippers have a signature bend in them, also seen on YSL leather jackets. These pulls have a curve or crimp near base and are not entirely flat. Chain straps should feel heavy, be a curb chain with flat-faced links and a rectangular metal connector labeled Saint Laurent. Removable straps have two different types of hardware, a metal clasp, or a leather clasp. Large snaps on handbags will be marked Saint Laurent / Paris, the grommets incorporating the chain will not be marked with the brand, nor will the small snap closures on wallets


Usually all original YSL bags have a serial number, which is attached inside the bag. Check whether your bag has this feature and whether the serial number of this kind even exists. If this number is missing, you should definitely be alert and better stay away from it. If you are not sure about the serial number, you can either inquire directly at a Saint Laurent store or inquire on the official website. Many Saint Laurent bags also have the “made in Italy” lettering under the serial number, depending on the model and year of manufacture, this lettering may also have been embossed in capital letters. All YSL bags come with a white authenticity card and black care booklet. It should be in a black envelope with white lettering. The fake cards have incorrect fonts and are in a light silver instead of white. Vintage YSL bags always have a serial number inside. It’s 12 digits separated by a dot. Newer styles, however, have three letters, 6 digits, then another 4 digits separated by a dot. The style number is 6 digits, it should match on the accompanying tag if present Saint Laurent bags have a serial number embossed on the inside of the bag (sometimes they can be tricky to read from the stiffness of the leather but they are there.) The inside stamp should be straight and neat, not slanted. It should also be in a certain font. All chains should be sturdy and well made.


Saint Laurent has so many different pocket models that it would blow up the frame here. That is why today we limit ourselves to one of the classics of Hedi Slimane: the Sac De Jour. This Saint Laurent bag was launched in 2013 by the then chief designer Hedi Slimane and is almost four years later still a perfect model for every occasion. The Sac De Jour comes in a sleek, modern shape reminiscent of the Birkin Bag of Hermes. This is not cheap, but it is cheaper than a Birkin Bag.

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